Theme Park Ready Outfit

I went to Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the most known theme park in the Philippines for a post birthday celebration since they are offering free ride all you can for birthday celebrants.  This privilege can be availed during your actual birthdate or 6 days before or after your actual birthday, must bring a copy of your birth… Continue reading Theme Park Ready Outfit


Beauty in Coffee: Kapessentials (Review)

"Feels good as it smells" -KapeEssentials Will you agree with me if I say that coffee has a great impact in our day- to- day routines? I admit I am a certified coffeeholic because it can make my muzzy mornings alive, but did you know that it does not only refresh us internally hence it… Continue reading Beauty in Coffee: Kapessentials (Review)


StyleGeniePh’s Style Academy: Talk Series ’17

StyleGenie PH turns one! "I'm blessed and proud to be a StyleGenie Ambassadress." Last Saturday, August 26, 2017, bloggers made Society Lounge, Makati go round when StyleGenie PH hosted the Style Academy: Talk Series '17. Reasons why I had a great time at Style Academy Talk series 2017: 1. I got the chance to meet… Continue reading StyleGeniePh’s Style Academy: Talk Series ’17


How I wear Aztec prints

  Aztecs or what we usually know as "tribal prints" have been tacky nowadays; however, fashion has no limit and I consider myself as a number one fan of this style. It is an ensemble of geometric patterns such as triangles, squares, and pentagons. Other shapes may also be bounded by curves such as circles and… Continue reading How I wear Aztec prints


One way of dressing up to disguise my belly fat

My belly fats (most likely my "puson") may be stubborn most of the time; however, I can always hide them through my clothes. Here are some of the things I normally do to conceal those extra weights in my tummy area. I always keep neither my legs or shoulders which are my assets as the focus… Continue reading One way of dressing up to disguise my belly fat


Newest StyleGenie PH Ambassadress

"Im delighted to announce that I'm the newest member of the Style Genie Ph family as one of their ambassadress." Tired from your everyday dilemmas with outfits? Experiencing anxiety of not knowing what to wear? Style Genie PH got your back. It is the very first styling and clothing subscription box in the Philippines! This… Continue reading Newest StyleGenie PH Ambassadress


Don’t tuck that shirt- Knot it!

I believe that t-shirt is the most versatile item in your wardrobe. It helps you create no- fuss outfits by easily pairing it with any bottom like skirt, jeans, shorts, etc.; however, did you know that you can turn a shirt into a figure- flattering sleek crop top by means of knotting? Just like what… Continue reading Don’t tuck that shirt- Knot it!


Culottes Chic

Culottes are so in at the moment especially the denim ones. I admit, I was a bit hesitant to try this kind of pants since I think it's too voluminous and baggy for me that would make me look like a rapper; however, pulling off this season's wide leg trouser is easier than you could… Continue reading Culottes Chic


Street Gothic

When I hear the words "Gothic" and "Goth", what immediately comes to my mind are rock bands and vampire movies since they are both related to darkness and color black. Normally, Gothic fashion style includes layering of laces, leather coats and trousers, corsets, black stockings or even fishnets; however, here in the Philippines it's difficult… Continue reading Street Gothic


I live in basics!

  Everyone who knows me a lot already has an idea that I'm a type of person who can go to the malls, restaurants, parks and other public places just wearing loose t-shirt, shorts and a pair of slippers, or even my pambahay outfit; however, living a basic life doesn't mean you need to omit the… Continue reading I live in basics!