What?! Wine for lips?

Every pay day, I make sure i will be able to buy at least one lipstick or any makeup for myself and I typically go to this certain mall which sells varieties of cosmetics. While roaming around the mall, I saw these cute lip tints that I’ve been seeing online and discerning  for so long.

It’s the Château Labiotte Wine Lip tint, the widespread talk in South Korean cosmetic scene. It comes in an impressive, distinctive and elegant miniature wine bottle that houses a premium, long-wearing lip tint  which I purchased for Php 500 ($12).


Whats really cool about this product is that it contains a premium wine extract from France called sepivinol, an antioxidant active agent that prolongs cell life and doubles the moisture of your lips.

Since I’ve been wanting to have one of these and intrigued about how it looks like when applied to my lips,  I promptly bought two available shades I find the most appealing to me (there are six shades to choose from). I got the PK01 which is the Blush Pink and OR01 that is Chardonnay Orange.


This Blush Pink shade is the lightest of all the colors. It’s a warm light pink hue perfect for your fresh natural look.



This tone is my favorite so far. It’s the Chardonnay Orange shade. It’s a gorgeous and stylish modern red orange colored finished tint that is perfect for summer look.

It’s quite effortless to apply cause it comes with a wand applicator. Just lightly pat the formula into your lips and blend until the desired color is attained. This fast drying formula delivers solid pigmentation with a smooth, brilliant and light finish. I don’t feel like I have anything on my lips the whole time I’m wearing it.

I also tested it on my hand, run water over it and wiped it through. The color did smudge but still managed to smeared mark on my hand.  Therefore I’d say it’s mildly water resistant but far away from waterproof. Longevity is a win for Château Labiotte wine lip tint.

I like this product so much and would consider getting the other four shades. Overall it’s a marvelous lip tint.

Bring grandeur of fine wine in your makeup pouch! If you want to give this Château Labiotte Wine Lip tint a try, you can also purchase here at www.memebox.com

What can you say about this wine lip tints? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to leave a like. 👇🏻 Thank you for reading!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. WildFire says:

    Omg, this is totally cute! 💋


    1. jaimnz says:

      Yeah! The packaging is really cute

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WildFire says:

        Such a cool idea. Makeup packaging & design is so fun & inventive right now. Have you seen the Korean jelly lipsticks?


      2. jaimnz says:

        Not yet

        Liked by 1 person

  2. novelleistic says:

    Niiice! Is it long-lasting and/or matte-finish?


    1. jaimnz says:

      I cant say its really matte. But what i like the most about it is that its light and natural looking


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