Exquisite treatment from Nailandia 

If I would describe my wonderful treatment at Nailandia Salon, that would be, “Heaven of Pampering”.

Whenever I check my facebook account, “Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa” always appear on my timeline. And since I am recently stressed out, due to work and health issues, as well as curious about this newly opened nail studio, I think my remedy for this condition is to pamper myself with foot spa and pedicure. Remember, your feet are valuable, they carry you thousand miles. Give your feet attention, they deserve it. It’s not being egocentric to love and take care of yourself. It’s a requisite.

Front of Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa

My mom and I went to the nearest Nailandia branch which is located in Barangay Uno, Crossing Calamba City, Laguna to experience their foot spa and pedicure services. The moment we entered inside, I was captivated by the  cozy look of the place, with all the comfortable couches and pillows, the color scheme was marvelous.

Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa- Crossing Branch
Reception area
Wider view of the reception area

They have a nice looking reception area as you can see on the photo above. They have furnished an elegant sofa for the customers who are waiting for their turn.

Tropical Designed Couches
Tropical Designed Floor

The tropical designed couches and floor make the ambiance more pleasurable in the eyes of the customers who want to feel relaxation.img_0434

Wall Shelf
Nail Polish Wall Shelf

Aside from the splendid design of the couches, Nailandia also amazed me with their wall art and modern wall shelves. Overall, the place is stress free.

We were delightedly accomodated by the staffs, they are so nice and friendly. We had our foot spa and pedicure done with so much gentle and care.

My mom’s feet soaked in warm bubble bath solution
My feet all wrapped
Time for Mom’s nails to be filed

Pedicure: Php 200.00

Whitening Foot spa: Php 300.00

Add- on for the Zoya Pixiedust Nail Polish: Php 50.00

Mommy and I experiencing Nailandia

Nailandia’s steps on foot spa and pedicure:

  1.  our feet were soaked in a warm bubble bath solution for five minutes
  2. after being soaked, they dried our feet and started scrubbing the dead skin cells
  3. with the use of a brush, whitening cream was on our legs and wrapped in  plastic wrapper and warm towel
  4. rinsed our feet thoroughly to remove the cream and started massaging
  5. nails were cut, filed and cleaned the nailandia’s way (while cleaning our nails, they asked us to choose from their samples the nail polish that we want)
  6. painted our nails with Zoya Pixie Dust polish (the nail polish that we chose)
My nails painted in Carter Zoya Pixiedust
Nailandia’s Loyalty Card

Before I forgot, if it’s your first time visiting the nail studio, they will let you fill up a form and after you have paid for your treatment, they will hand you a loyalty card. Everytime you purchase Php 500 worth of their services, they will give it a sign, as seen on the picture. If you complete ten signatures, you may now avail your FREE 500 PESOS worth Nailandia services.
My Nailandia experience was fabulous. My mom and I had a great time. It was superb. We will surely come back next time.

Nailandia Crossing Branch Other Services:

  • HAND CARE: Manicure, Gel Polish, Hand Spa, Mani Spa, Paraffin by DEPILEVE, Paradiso Spa by CUCCIO
  • FOOT CARE: Pedicure, Gel Polish, Foot Spa, Pedi Spa, Paraffin by DEPILEVE, Paradiso Spa by CUCCIO
  • GENT’s CORNER: Manicure, Pedicure, Mascular Relief Hand Spa, Callous Treatment Foot Spa, Paraffin by DEPILEVE
  • FAIRY’s FANTASTIC TREAT: Kiddie Manicure, Kiddie Pericure, Kiddie Hand Spa, Kiddie Foot Spa, Nail Art, Kiddie Massage
  • MASSAGE: Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination (Swedish & Shiatsu), Filipino Hilot, Slimming, Aromatherapy, Hand & Arm, Back, Foot Reflexology, Xiamen, Hot stone, Ventosa
  • BODY GLOW (Body Scrub): CUCCIO Body Exfolation Sea Salt, CUCCIO Comfort Zone Olive Scub Body Glow
  • WAXING (Imported Brand GIGI) & Threading: Underarms, Arms, Half Legs, Full Legs, Upper Lip, Eye Brow, Chest, Back, Stomach, Bikini, Brazilian
  • EYELASH ENHANCEMENT: Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Extension
  • NAIL ART/ EMBELISHMENTS: Hand Painting, Stickers, Decals, Rhinestones, Pearls, Caviars

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