How I make my lashes grow fuller and longer?

Eyelashes or simply lashes are the ones in charge to protect the eyes from foreign objects, on the other hand it also make our eyes look sexier and more attractive.  I have already tried a lot of methods just to increase its volume and length for them to look thicker  and alluring,  since for me, my eyes are my facial assets.

The following are the methods that I’ve already tried:

  •  Mascara– it usually forms clumps on lashes which is hard to remove
  •  Artificial/ False Eyelashes– temporary adhesive used on false eyelash application can come loose due to perspiration generating a potentially embarrassing situation.
  • Eyelash Extension– it is wherein small clusters of human hairs are glued on lash line near your real eyelash making it more natural looking. However, it can cause bacteria to grow under the glue causing eye infection.
  • Eyelash Perm– lashes are permed upturned using a perming solution. This method is non sense if you don’t have long lashes in the first place.

One day, I was watching tv and saw a home tv shopping network (EZ Shop) that sells eyelash serum that promotes the growth of longer, thicker, fuller and stronger eyelashes. I’ts the W-II M Genesis Long Lashes Solution. I grabbed one, gave it a try and was blown away with the result.


W-II M Genesis Long Lash Solution comes in a rectangular box with two small boxes inside which contains the two bottle of serum solution.

Serum Bottle
It comes with a wand applicator for easier application

Directions for use?

Apply the solution three times a day into your lash line to absorb. Afterwards, brush it lightly to distribute the product along the lashes.


I haven’t experienced any redness or  irritation upon sing this product, but just in case you experience it stop using the product and promptly consult a doctor.

Growth/ Result?

I can say that my lashes became fuller and longer after a few months of using this product. My lashes continued to steadily grow and I got a number of compliments on them.



I got mine for Php 890 ( $ 18- $ 19)


If you’re interested in trying this product and have that sexy lashes, you can buy online at or visit their store inside SM malls.

Love xoxo,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Elaine says:

    didn’t know u have this blog, but way to go girl!! isa na ko sa magiging reader mo ❤


    1. jaimnz says:



  2. That’s a very reasonable price for the product! Lovely review im so glad you are getting results


    1. jaimnz says:

      Ive been using the product for months already and the result is a superb. Falsies no more 😄


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