Silantro Fil- Mex Cantina


Satisfy your palate with mouth-watery foods from Silantro Fil- Mex Cantina. It is a restaurant known for its distinct Mexican taste from their affordable meals and cozy vibe from its simple furnishing.

I went to Ayala Mall Solenad to check out on the newly opened Silantro a while ago with Mikko and Melai . As soon as we entered the place I kinda felt unhappy because the place is covered with smoke, I dunno if the exhaust they provide (if ever they have) is not good enough for the place. Anyways, I totally enjoyed everything that we ordered.I will be sharing with you the foods that we tried and absolutely enjoyed dining.

Since Mexican foods go well with dips, the servers provided us three types of them that we will be enjoyed with the foods.


Price: ₱ 140 / $ 2.80


Dinamita or Dynamite in english, is finger chili pepper stuffed with pork filling, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried until golden and crisp. I really enjoy eating foods with minimal bang of spiciness and this appetizer helped me satisfy my cravings. What I like about this dynamite from Silantro is that my taste buds can handle its spiciness. If you want it to be spicier, you can dip it on the yellow- colored dip that they served.

Tacos: Ligero (single choice of meat)

Price: ₱ 75 / $ 1.5


I ordered the single choice of meat tacos which is chicken. I consumed this first, and it satisfied my palate so much. The taco comes with chicken, lettuce, tomato slice, cheese, and salsa.

Silantro’s Quesadillas

Price: ₱ 160/ $ 3.20


This is something to crave for. Their Silantro Quesdillas have fries on top and this was my favorite due to the abundant  oozing melted cheese with generous serving of chicken and bell peppers as well.


Price ₱ 220 / $ 4.40


It is a combination of grilled chicken and beef, served with veggies and rice. One order is actually good for two persons since it is served in two sticks.

Silantro’s Burrito

Price: ₱ 180 / $ 3.60


Even my tummy was already jam- packed with foods, I still tried my best to have a taste on this heavy sumptuous  meal offered with flavored rice, spices and bits of beef. One of the best burritos I have ever tried.

Silantro Fil- Mex Cantina served enormous foods with great value for money! The service was keen and our orders arrived 15 minutes less. I love their dips and how it can diversify the taste of each meal. I will probably come back to try their other dishes.


Food– 5/5

Place– 3/5 (There are mosquitoes roaming around)

Service– 5/5

Other branches:


Silantro Fil- Mex Cantina- Kapitolyo

East Capitol Dr, Kapitolyo, Pasig Philippines


Silantro Fil- Mex Cantina- UP Town Center

UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Loyolo Heights, Quezin City, Philippines



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