MUMUSO- Korean Store (Price starts at Php 99 / $ 1.90 )

Mumuso is a new lifestyle and leisure korean-concept store that is promptly being prominent here in the Philippines. I’m a huge fan of economical concept stores, Japan Home Center and Daiso in particular. I enjoy going to this kind of stores especially when I feel sad or stressed, since shopping has always been helpful for me to scale down stress.

I have always been wanting to visit a Mumuso store, since many reviews say that it provides quality beauty products ranging from cosmetics, facial cleansers, and tools, however it is far from me and I believe that the the nearest branch is at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, and yet I forgot to visit there when I went to divisoria (click here to check out my Divisoria Haul blog). While browsing online, I discovered that there is a branch 45 minutes away from my place, which is located at the newly opened Ayala Mall South Park in Alabang. I decided to go there after attending the Sunday service.



Looking for bags? Check out Mumuso’s array of fashionable bags.





Get ready for Mumuso’s collection of facial gels, masks, essential oil serums, facial mists and a lot more.



Aside from beauty products, wide variety of home essentials, bags, gadgets, dainty toys for kids, pillows, adorable socks etc., are also available.


Here is a mini haul of the things that I got from Mumuso on my first visit.

Aloe Vera Hydrating Exfoliating Gel

Price: Php 99/ $ 1.90

Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser

Let us see how this Aloe Vera facial cleanser works on my face.

Mumuso Fruit Essence Hand Cream

Price: Php 99/ $ 1.90 (for two)


Luckily I found these adorable hand creams. Recently, my H&M hand cream got exhausted so I badly needed a new one. I will give these hand creams a try and let us see how these will make my hands smooth and soft.

Mumuso Massage Granules Cleaning Brush

Price: Php 149/ $ 3


This is actually the main reason why I want to visit this store, to buy this facial brush cleanser. I saw one like this at 999 Mall Divisoria, but I was not quite sure if it will work well. This brush is designed with silky-soft, finely tapered bristles cushions to gently massage the skin. I have already tried it and I can say that it heightened the benefits of facial cleansers.

Mumuso Eyelash curler

Price: Php 99/ $ 1.90


My eyelash curler broke so I just needed to buy a new one. I love this because it is in the color turquoise, my recently favorite color.

Mumuso Fennel Brightening Essential Oil

Price: Php 99 / $ 1.90


I bought this product since I promised myself that I will be more serious and diligent in taking care of my facial skin. Essential oils are known for having a benefit like decreasing blemishes to preventing aging through encouraging new cell growth, helping to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars.

Those are the items that I purchased on my first visit at Mumuso. Mostly are for my facial care. I am 100 % sure that I will come back there to check out on their cosmetics and other items.




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