Pinkies Collections: Cream Foundation + Lip Liner (Review)



Price: Php 269/ $ 5.40

I usually use blemish base cream for my face, but I want to try something new, so I decided to go to SM Department store and decided to buy a foundation instead. While looking for some products, a sales lady came to me and asked what products I’m looking for and she introduced me to Pinkies Collection’s cream foundation that is made in France.




Honestly speaking, I was hesitant to purchase the product at first since I’m not too familiar with the brand, but when I swatched it on my forearm and tried it on a small part of my neck, I got curious on how it would work on my face so I gave it a try. I got the shade CCF-02 (Dark Beige). Aside from the foundation itself, that sales lady also handed me a blending sponge for free.(Php 0.01).


-It has a small pink and black packaging, perfect for travel use.

-It is very affordable at a price of Php 269.

-I did not experience any breakouts while using this product.

– It has a sheer coverage, it was able to hide my facial skin flaws (such as uneven skin, blemishes, and pimple scars).

-It does not dry matte and is dewy- looking on me. Since my t-zone area tends to get oily quickly, especially when I’m outdoors, it is best to set it with a setting powder. I normally bake it with my Coty Airspun loose face powder.

-It tends to cake up on me.

Lip Liner

Price: Php 110/ $ 2.20

“One of the best lip liners I have tried”

“Highly recommended”



I got the shade PCLP01- Sweet pink.


– It glides on the lips smoothly just like the application of a creamy lipstick.



-It comes in varieties of shades to choose from.

-Longer than the usual lip liners.

-Easy to remove.

-Since it is creamy, it did not gave my lips a feeling of dryness.

Left: without the Pinkies Collection products; Right: with the product

I used the free damp sponge to apply the product on my face.

Final look

Concluding thoughts:

Will buy new shades of the lip liner, considering it did a great job on my lips.

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