Benefit X Saladbox Make-up Workshop Series

Last March 25, 2017, I had the chance to attend Saladboxph’s Make-up Workshop Series partnered with one of the leading cosmetics brand, Benefit. The workshop took place at Benefit Botique, Alabang Town Center.




This one- hour workshop basically focused on tips in transforming eyebrows since nowadays an enormous number of women and females at heart love to flaunt their brows as their strong facial feature; hence Benefit cosmetics is popular for their eyebrow services.

Welcome to Benefit’s Waxing Area


According to the lady who was assigned to me for my workshop, Benefit uses a special pearlized wax specifically made for facial waxing.


I felt sheer bliss when I saw this area since it made me feel assured that my skin is safe. I am 100 % sure that Benefit sees to it that sanitation is the most important factor to create an effective waxing technique.


Let the workshop begin!

Benefit’s Three-Step Eyebrow Technique

1. Eyebrow Mapping



The “benebabe” (Benefit Babe) who assisted me in the workshop took her time to see my key features so I can get the right brow shape suited for my face especially I have very thick eyebrows.


Thereafter, she drew lines/ marks on the outside of my brows which serve as her outline. According to her, this method is important because definition can lift one’s look and perfectly shaped eyebrows will make your face look geometrically balanced and contoured.

2. Eyebrow Waxing


Brow waxing is the easiest hair removal solution that will clean up your brows. I prefer this method because in my perspective it was not too painful and my brows looked cleaner at all compared to other methods like threading and shaving.

3. Brow Trimming and Tweezing


After waxing my brows, excess hairs were cut whilst tiny hair strands were plucked.

Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup

ka- Brow! Eyebrow Gel

I also got the opportunity to alter my look for the day since the lady allowed me to try their porefessional pore minimizing makeup as well as their ka-Brow eyebrow gel while sharing some makeup hacks.

*The Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup covered my blemishes and other facial imperfections and it also visibly minimized the look of my pores.

Workshop Freebies


Products Above:

1. Benefit’s Trio of best selling highlighters

2. Roller Lash Super- curling Lifting Mascara

3. Dew the Hoola Soft- Matte Liquid Bronzer


Aside from those freebies mentioned above, I also got a free complimentary session on my next visit.

I can’t wait for my next brow and beauty session with Benefit. Special thanks to Saladboxph.

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