7 Reasons Why Bloggers United XIII Was The Bomb #BU13

So what is Bloggers United XIII? It is the 13th installment of the biggest bloggers bazaar in the Philippines featuring a roster of country’s top fashion- beauty bloggers and influencers. It was held at Whitespace Event Venue, Makati last June 3, 2017.

The theme for this event was #BacktoCool (Back to school) inspired by the American teen drama television series, Riverdale since school year 2017- 2018 is fast approaching.

#BU13 Poster

Here are the 7 Reasons why I enjoyed  #BU13!  

1. Pa-Picture! ✓

I started to write blogs just to share what I do and the things I love (in short, my online diary). My site is not yet well- known compared to others; however, I didn’t expect that few people would recognize me  during the event and even took photos with me. It’s so overwhelming! THANK YOU!

2. Philippines’ Top Bloggers Present! ✓

Okay, so FINALLY! (inhale.. exhale) I got the chance to meet my favorite bloggers.

Here are some:

Left to Right: Laureen Uy (Break My Style), Kryz Uy (Thirsty Thought), Me, Camille Co (Camille Co Tries to Blog)

Much love for these three. I was so keen to meet the blogger jowas but sad to say they were not present. I even asked Kryz where Slater is.

Kryz: “He’s sleeping, pagod siya eh”

With Enciso sisters, Vern and Verniece

The sister-tandem who popularized the V ❤ V pose.

Janina Manipol

I didn’t expect her to be this petite, I look stout beside her!

Janeena Chan

I love this gal ever since I was in highschool. FYI, I started to watch the show NewsWatch Junior Edition because of her, wherein she was the junior host of the segment Glitz and Glam.

Victor Basa
Tricia Gosingtian
Ida Anduyan

Woops! Sorry for the poor lighting.

3. Chit-chatting! ✓

 Since I was born madaldal (talkative), it’s easier for me to mingle and have some small talk to people even if they’re well-known.

PBB housemate Aura Azarcon

Obviously, there was a spark between the two of us, we looked delighted talking to each other. Why? Cause we were having a convo with regard to medical field! HAHAHA!

*Just so you know, aside from blogging, I also work as a dialysis nurse.

Chitchat with Camille Co
Chitchat with Camille Co

Topic? Our first meeting at Candy Fair 2009 or 2010? Can’t really remember.

PBB former housemate Say Alonzo

4. Mini Concert! ✓ 

On-stage performers present. Good times need Good Music.

Fil- Canadian Gio Levy
Gio Levy

Performance from songwriter, Gio Levy. check him out @giolevy

5. Chibog Time! ✓ 

Food galore.



Aside from the foods on the above, there was also a free taste of Peperos’ new flavor, Choco Cookie and unlimited drinks from True Drinks iced tea.

Outside the venue, there were also food booths that sell shawarma, sushi, drinks, etc.

Vegetable Sushi from Arnie Villanueva’s food booth

I must say, this is one of the best sushis I have tasted.

6. It’s Kim Soo Hyun! ✓ 

Who wouldn’t want to meet the kalokalike  (look- alike) of the actor behind the dramas My Love from the Star and Dream High? Richard Juan is a former PBB housemate and is well- known as the country’s  Kim Soo Hyun. He could totally pass as the Korean actor’s brother!

Richard Juan



7. Photo Op! ✓ 

Pose. Smile. Click.






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  1. Liza Benetua says:

    Say Alonzo was a school mate a long time ago


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