Street Gothic

When I hear the words “Gothic” and “Goth”, what immediately comes to my mind are rock bands and vampire movies since they are both related to darkness and color black. Normally, Gothic fashion style includes layering of laces, leather coats and trousers, corsets, black stockings or even fishnets; however, here in the Philippines it’s difficult to do such layering and street ramp this style using the mentioned elements because of the hot weather.

img_0769I thought of making my own gothic-vogue look by using navy-colored clothes instead of black, aside from that, I made sure that I still applied the fashion law of balance, comfort and remained chic.


Accessories tend to be minimal but classic in style so I just wore a silver anchor earring and a black velvet choker, I made them more visible by tying my hair into a bun. How about my makeup? It tended to be simple but dramatic. I added a black eyeliner, mascara and I chose a dark-colored lipstick to match the outfit.


 FoxyCherry Shop top | Aeropostale bottom | Bolatu (from Hong Kong) cardigan |

House of Chokers choker


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