Experience classic old-school American dining at 1954 Diners Project

Where else will you find great American food and a genteel ambiance in the heart of Laguna? Only at 1954 Diners Project.


It’s a place I had been looking forward to visit when I discovered it through Instagram because it resembles the old- fashioned diner in the movie “A Cinderella Story” lead by one of my favorite actresses, Hilary Duff. I was so delighted since I have always been a fan of restos with themes cause it always makes me feel like I’m in a different era. And yes! They are also insta-worthy. 

It is an American- themed diner which mainly serves classic burgers, shakes and grilled foods. 


The diner evokes the spirit of the old-school American dining scene in the 50’s.  It is indeed a very appealing place to eat with family and friends.








The resto is a perfect spot to chill and hangout with your barkadas especially after an exhausting day. Aside from the tables and chairs, 1954 Diners Project also provides a counter along with metallic stools and retro decors- even an old popcorn maker. The color red dominates the place which makes it more attracting in the eyes of their customers. The whole time I was there, I felt that the place brought me to America 50 years ago.



I loved how they constructed their menu because it is simple and easy to comprehend yet inviting. There were also details with regard to the contents of the foods that they offer which is really an excellent idea. 


1954 Diners Project Best Sellers

Start- Me- Ups/ Appetizers

Daddy- O Wings (Bone- In)

| “The tenders are bursting full of flavor.” |


Honestly speaking, this is one of the best buffalo wings I have ever tasted. It comes with their signature blue cheese dip. The tenders are bursting full of flavor, the wings are perfectly cooked, and what I like about it is it doesn’t have a flour-like coating that peels off and leaves a bland piece of chicken like in other restaurants.


 I can say that the quality of the chicken is far superior to most competitors. 

Shrimp Shack

 |“My favorite among all the dishes served” |


You may see it as a normal deep fried shrimp but it tastes so good! I can eat this all day. Perfectly combined with its Cajun sauce, ugh! To die for!  This dish oozes with flavor and an excellent starter.


If you’ll get the chance to drop by this diner you better order this dish, believe me its worth it.

Diner’s Deluxe (Main Entrees)

Roast Beef Thomas

| “The meat melts in your mouth” |


Perfectly cooked, juicy, and chewy– AMAZING.


This slow- roasted beef is served with mushroom sauce, side dish of corn and carrots as well as a choice of mashed potato or plain rice. I love how their signature sauce balances the richness of the meat. I would prefer eating this mouth- watery meal after a toxic duty at work cause I feel like it can bring back all my energy because it is rich in protein and carbs.

Pork Chops William

| “Look at its enormous size!” |


I am not a pork fan but these two golden- fried breaded pork chops were exceptional- moist, tender, flavorful and perfectly cooked. This meal could fill two empty tummies, look at its enormous size! Such a huge cut of meat. 


From the Grill

Chicken Burger Blast

| “Patty was not too dry.” |


For burger lovers you must give this chicken burger a try. The patty was not too dry and very tasty. Flavorwise, it’s a step up compared to other burgers out there. Served with crispy fries and ketchup dip.


Brownie Mudslide

| “Not your average mudslide fudge brownies.” |


I already sorta have a thing for this mudslide.  I enjoyed it because I got to have two desserts in one. Why? Because aside from the chocolate fudge alone, it was also topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The brownie is not too sweet and cakey which is ideal for my tastebuds.

This dessert for the grown-up table at 1954 Diners is the bomb! 

Shakes, Rattle, and Roll (Drinks)

Milkshake Machine: Strawberry

| “Perfect thirst- quencher.” |



Is the hot weather leaving you parched? Chill out and indulge in this cool strawberry shake that’s sure to please! This drink was awesome especially it is creamy and has a silky texture.

If you are not a strawberry person you can also try their Chocolate and Vanilla shakes.

Screamer Float

| “Reminded me of the butterbeer from the movie Harry Potter” |



This root beer float hit the spot after working in the hospital for 8 hours. It looked really nice too. With ice cream on top it reminded me of the butterbeer from Harry Potter, somehow similar right?


Also available in Coke and Royal.

Staffs/ Service


Shout out to these two crews, chef Jerome and EJ, they were both accommodating and efficient. I look forward to seeing them again. 


Foods were served just right on time. They also have televisions to entertain their customers while waiting for their orders.


1954 Diners Project is the name and comfort food is the game. 

The whole experience left me wanting to come back soon. Inviting atmosphere, pleasant good service, and foods were well prepared.


2nd Floor Centro Mall 
Lopez Avenue Barangay Batong Malake, Los Banos Laguna

Open from 11 am to 9 pm











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  1. Very wrong na I read this blog hungry! 😦 HAHA. Looove restaurants themed like this! Lakas maka-movie vibes nung aura ❤


    1. Jai M says:

      Totally agree!

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