Café Ella- Good food, Good experience 


“This cafe serves the creamiest Carbonara”


A visually captivating cafe inside Centro Mall at Los Baños, Laguna attracted me to try out their mouth- watery foods last Thursday.


First off, the interior.  I love how the place gave a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Quiet, not overwhelming, yet lively! I can say it is a best place for good business meetings and catch- ups.


The lighting matches the rustic and vintage theme of the place. I also love how the yellows lights made the café more sophisticated and romantic.


Look at this well-designed coffee bar, isn’t it cozy?




Café Ella gives a homey feeling because of the wooden tables and chairs paired with throw pillows.



How about the food?




When I saw this on the menu I got too excited cause I love mojos. Actually, I expected theirs to look like the ones of Shakeys’, however, they have their own style which I really admire. The potatoes were sliced thinly which made the edges crispy. YUM! The dip goes well with the mojos and made it more luscious. This snack is perfect for movie and K-drama marathons.

Binagoongang Liempo ni Racquel


Pork Binagoongan is an authentic Filipino recipe which involves pork being sauteed in tomato and stewed in shrimp paste. I believe this dish is named after the owner of the cafe, Ms. Raquel. The pork is crispy, the way I like it to be and the bold, distinct scent and taste of bagoong is not too strong and just perfect for my taste buds.

Pasta Joana ( Classic Carbonara)



If you happen to have a taste of carbonara, this one is no doubt the creamiest and most delicious carbonara I tried. The pasta was cooked well. It was really tasty and had lots of crispy bacon in it. I even used the sauce as a dip for the garlic bread. I will surely comeback for this dish. This is just really irresistible. Im such a huge fan of this carbonara.

Oreo Cheesecake



I upgraded my standards with cheesecakes when I had a heavenly taste of this cake. The ratio of filling to base was good. The filling was light and creamy almost like a mousse. It’s not too sweet and went well with the chocolate ganache. Overall, Café Ella’s oreo cheesecake was enjoyable with a nice balance between the oreo and cheesecake portions.



Fudge Brownies

Chocolate chips, crushed brownies, coffee, and milk, blended smoothly with ice, topped off with a very generous spray of whip cream.

These serious drinks loaded with enough sugar and caffeine to keep you up for hours. Not recommended for anyone too concerned about nutrition. I suggest these drinks to students who would stay pretty late for doing projects and reviewing for exams or working people who love to work overtime since sugar and caffeine are both strong stimulants in the right dose. This is actually better than any energy drinks.

House Blend Iced Tea





At Café Ella, they use my favorite brand of tea, Twinings. I was mesmerized how this raspberry flavored tea delivered a refreshing and an orchard-fresh taste and mouth-watering aroma. This is a must try drink during summer.




Look at these fancy chairs and table outside the cafe to accommodate more customers.


The staffs were accommodating and pleasant, especially Ms. Roselle. Kudos to the chef and other crews.

Cafe Ella, a vibrant cafe with good food and fantastic cheerful staff!


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