How I wear Aztec prints


Aztecs or what we usually know as “tribal prints” have been tacky nowadays; however, fashion has no limit and I consider myself as a number one fan of this style.


It is an ensemble of geometric patterns such as triangles, squares, and pentagons. Other shapes may also be bounded by curves such as circles and oblongs.


Aztec designs are not only popular with clothes but also with bags and accessories.



As a fashion enthusiast I find it easy to style with tribal prints since it can already give you a vogue look.


I normally pair this motif with plain tops or bottoms, for instance in this outfit. I decided to wear a plain blue pencil cut skirt to match with my aztec- inspired top and a white sneakers.



Top: Mura Shop PH Clothing | Skirt: Lattys Closet PH | Sneakers: Keds Ph  | Bag: Etsy

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  1. The sneakers are perfect for your ootd, girl. Lovette!


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