Beauty in Coffee: Kapessentials (Review)

“Feels good as it smells” -KapeEssentials


Will you agree with me if I say that coffee has a great impact in our day- to- day routines? I admit I am a certified coffeeholic because it can make my muzzy mornings alive, but did you know that it does not only refresh us internally hence it also has rejuvenating benefits for our skin as well. It reduces both inflammation and redness specially in the appearance of under eye circles. It is also an excellent exfoliator, it aids in the removal of dead skin cells and helps in waking up a tired complexion.

Kapessentials is one of the bodycare brands in the Philippines that manufactures products made out of coffee beans and grounds. Currently they offer four goods from their online shop such as the body soap, facial mask, body scrub and odor deodorizer.

Today, I will be sharing with you my verdict with regard to their facial mask and soap.


Facial Mask

Price: ₱ 200


Kapeessentials’ facial mask comes in a tube packaging with the logo of the brand. It has  a net weight of 100 grams.



I was surprised that it has a very thick consistency, at first I thought I wasn’t able to shook the tube well, however when I repeated it again, I still got the same consistency of the product. When it comes to the fragrance, for me it doesn’t smell like coffee, in my opinion, the scent is similar to a face powder or a perfume.


This is how it looked like on my face when I applied it, as the product dried up, it slowly turned into a powder – like texture and I also felt a gradual tightening sensation while the product was on my face.


Unlike any other masks this is not a peel off type, you have to wash your face to have the product removed. I have been using this for more than a week now and I can say that it was able to inject life into my dull complexion.  Every after rinsing the product on my face I can tell that my face brightened up. Kapeessentials claims that it can even out skin tones and I tell you, it surely does, I noticed that some of the dark spots on my face lightened.

The only disadvantages of this product for me are the smell and its powder- like consistency because the first time I used it I had a hard time breathing because it triggered my allergic asthma.

Kapessentials Body Soap

Price: ₱ 120

img_4707For the packaging,  the soap was wrapped in a printed paper where the brand name was present and it has a net weight of 150 grams.


Kapessentials body soap is fully loaded with coffee grounds which absolutely helped in exfoliation. It was able to aid in removing my dead skin cells and worn out cells to pave the way for the new skin. At first try of this product I thought it was too harsh for my skin cause I felt a bit of pain while scrubbing it on my skin (probably the coffee grounds was too rough); however, when I used it on a daily basis I got used to it and I believe this sensation would help in stimulating my blood flow.

I was astonished when I used it on my face and it did not gave me any breakouts which is really great. It also did not dried out my skin and somehow reduced the appearance of cellulite and left my skin feeling silky smooth. As for the smell, it has the same smell with the mask, though the smell of this one is not as strong as the facial mask.

These products both displayed the expiration dates; nevertheless, the ingredients were not present on the packaging.

If you want to give these Kapessentials products a try, you can visit their instagram at kapessentials.


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