Business- Blogger event, Blogapalooza ’17 goes Generation Digital

Blogapalooza is an influencer company in the Philippines that helps in managing influencer marketing strategies, it also hosts a yearly event to help link businesses to bloggers.


This year’s blogapalooza celebrated unity as one generation, GENERATION D (Generation Digital). It was an exclusive event for bloggers/influencers/content creators and I was lucky enough to attend this occasion which was held at City of Dreams Manila last November 18, 2017.

Ace Gapuz (CEO) during the ribbon cutting
Ribbon cutting with the sponsors

The gathering was filled with booths from the sponsors and a Blogapalooza experience would not be one without visiting them. This is such a pleasant opportunity for us bloggers to be able to talk to the representatives of each company and get to know what services and products they offer and build relationships with them. 


Each booth will have you register first(name, contact number, email address and blog site), some had their own interactive games to make the event worthwhile for the delegates and receive some freebies or win a prize. Here are few of the stalls I visited.



It is a wifi access system, it aims to authorize  parents to set boundaries over internet usage by stopping internet connection for a particular user at their home. One of its objectives is also to facilitate businesses owners to keep a track on the activities of their employees on the internet by limiting access to certain websites.

StyleGenie PH


Tired from your everyday dilemmas with outfits? Experiencing anxiety of not knowing what to wear? Style Genie PH got your back.

The ambassadress and the CEO

Sign up now and give this “fashionable surprise- me” box a try, cause every box is a magical experience.

Get 10% discount on your purchase when you use my code: jaimnz



Alfox is an online print shop that allows customer to place their print order online by creating, browsing or uploading designs. They offer wide variety of product categories such as exhibit display, business cards, marketing materials, stickers, calendars, ID laces etc.


They provided a plinko game and I won a notepad.



I’m pretty sure everyone reading this blog knows what Rappler is. It is an online news site that we usually see through social media sites.

Wilkins Coca- cola


Wilkins has recently launched their fruit- infused water in the Philippines offering three thirst quenching flavors – Apple, Pomelo and Orange.

AAP analytics- DMAIPH


It is a platform that provides result driven identity access intelligence to assist analysts.

Coke Studio 



Thanks to Coke I finally have my personalized cola bottle.



vOffice stands for virtual office, it is known for providing business services here in Philippines. It offers work and meeting spaces as well as various business assistance such as paying bills, making reservations, tele-marketing services, etc. In my own perspective this is absolutely beneficial since it saves time and money.


Beauty & Butter Nail Lounge


This is actually one of my favorite booths cause I love nail spas.

So basically, after I registered I played their game wherein I had to be blindfolded and rotate the cube they provided, in each side of it has a secret message showing whether you win or not.

My eyes were not closed, I just smiled. Haha

Tadaaaa! Fortunately I won a pampering session!


Beauty & butter also offers spa-arty for you and your friends!



I was really curious what this website is all about till I talked to their representative, Andrew and I got thrilled to try this out for my next adventures since I enjoy trying out new things.

Tralulu is a digital booking platform that connects travelers around South-East Asia to quality local guides who can provide local experiences.


The event was hosted by the two radio jocks, Ian Pangilinan and Karla Habaluyas.


Various speakers like bloggers, influencers, and leaders in their own class were present in the event who gave a talk with different topics about social media, strategies, cybercrime law and many more.


The first speaker was PCOO Asec. Kris Ablan who talked about the government efforts for the digital community. It is tremendously important for everyone to help the government promote the effective and responsible use of social media.


Justin Joyas, columnist and social media head for GMA news, Anna Oposa, writer, Niccolo Cosme, conceptual photographer, and Jane Uymatiao, a social media practitioner & resource speaker were all present in the event to talk about social media for social good. Social media is indeed  truly effective for fundraising for foundations as well as when there are disasters around the globe. I even remembered Justin talking about “Fake News” and how to distinguish fake sites.

I kinda felt sad cause Mikael Daez was supposed to be there as the moderator but I don’t know what happened, he was not present at attend the event; however, I learned a lot from these four people.

right to left: Justin, Anna, Niccolo, Jane with their certificates handed by Ace Gapuz


I’m happy I finally saw Lloyd Cadena, I have been watching his youtube videos for quite some time now and I awe him for bringing me laughters everytime I watch his works.

right to left: Lyqa Maravilla, Gian Viterbo, Micco Solis and Lloyd Cadena

They shared their personal experiences when it comes to making video contents, specially now that a vast number of people are more fond of watching videos instead of reading.

Dennis Lim of Adober Studios showing the bar graph of 2016 Facebook trends.


Internet rockstars, Ramon Bautista, a known Filipino comedian, writer and dj, Louise Delos Reyes, an actress turned blogger , Kim Cruz, Myx VJ and blogger and Joyce Pring, blogger and host were also at the venue. They all shared their stories building in the digital world.


Blogapalooza is also a great moment to meet with fellow blogger friends and to make new ones.


I had so much fun at the event, I went home with overflowing freebies, fliers, business cards, and new friends and learnings.


Congratulations to the Blogamomma, Miss Ace Gapuz and the whole Blogapalooza crew for a successful business-to-blogger event. Well done!






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