Theme Park Ready Outfit

I went to Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the most known theme park in the Philippines for a post birthday celebration since they are offering free ride all you can for birthday celebrants.  This privilege can be availed during your actual birthdate or 6 days before or after your actual birthday, must bring a copy of your birth certificate and a valid id with imprinted birthdate.

Since it is already my third time at the park, I wonder what clothes to wear showcasing comfort while staying fashionable. The last time I went there I remember having a bit of a hard time sitting, moving around and even burned my thighs sitting on a ride seat that has been in the sun all day because I wore shorts.

Remember! Comfort is the key to have a fun day at an amusement park.

This is why for this adventure I wore leggings considering the all-day walks and a sleeveless top to somehow let the heat escape through my skin.


If you would notice, I chose a top that has a tie around my waist. That way, I won’t have to worry about my top moving if I’m on rides. For my feet, I wore a pair of rubber shoes cause I’m more comfortable walking around in them compared to sandals, although, it has cons too when going on water rides. I also wore a hat to complete my look.


As per the bag, I brought with me a backpack because it is the best way to have both my hands available. Inside my bag I have all my amusement park essentials like sunscreen, wipes, towel, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, power bank with my charger cord of course, hair tie, camera and money.


Aside from those things mentioned, I also carried with me a tote bag with my extra clothes and undergarments as well as a pair of sandals and left it on an electronic locker provided. (I paid an extra ₱ 150.00 for this one, but that’s for a whole day rent already).


I’m the type of person who can’t go out without wearing a wrist watch especially if I went out without my parents with me to be cautious of the time. HAHA! I wore a water and shock- resistant one so less hassle.



Sunglasses is always a great help, it kept my eyes protected from the sun and prevented them from squinting.


I was so happy cause I was able to sit on the bench that was baked under the sun without burning my skin.



This place brought back childhood memories.

The very popular Space Shuttle ride

I’ve been in EK thrice but I never tried riding Space Shuttle. I’m too scared to be honest, I don’t see myself hanging 360 in that ride, i’d rather go inside the horror house.


Going out on adventures is always fun with friends.


Before going home, I changed my wet clothes (because of the rides) to make myself more comfortable in traveling home. I simply wore a denim shorts and a black shirt.

Enchanted Kingdom: The magic lives forever!

Wash & Dry top Old Navy leggings Divisoria bag Forever 21 hat | Fila rubber shoes | G-shock watch | Ray- Ban sunglasses 

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  1. Liza Benetua says:

    Wow! Great post! Yeah, you need to be comfortable when going to a theme park!


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