Wear Denim on Denim

It’s hard enough getting dressed for the day without even thinking about so-called “FASHION RULES”. Puh-lease.  These regulations are meant to be broken, just like wearing double denim.

Similar with tshirts, denim is also classic and versatile. It can be a form of jeans, bag, jacket or a dress, it always evolves.


The key to pulling off the look is balance. Break up your all-over denim ensemble with  staples like a light or dark- colored shirt or blouse. In this one, I wore a long line cami featuring spaghetti straps and a round neckline top.


Considering denim is continuously developing, wear something with a unique concept, just like jeans with fishnet details on the knees.


Aside from the details on your pants, you can also wear a statement heels. I chose to wear a pointed-toe heel to continue the line of my leg, making them look even longer.


Guess denim jacket | Forever21 top | Forever21 jeans | XOXO heels

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