Be oil-free with Magiteque LiquiPowder. “WORKS LIKE MAGIC!”

Tired of telling yourself that you can already cook an egg on your face because it’s too oily? Have you experienced a day when your oily face strikes even when you’re not trying out dewy makeup? Exhausted on buying oil control blotting paper? I have a good news for you all, I discovered a product that will change your lives. Last December 9, 2017, I got the chance to meet one of the best singer- comedienne actresses in the Philippines, Miss Beverly Salviejo who starred in the movies, The Ghost bride, You Changed My Life, etc. She introduced me the best solution for oily face, “Beverly Glow” also known as “Magiteque Liquipowder“.

What is Magiteque Liquipowder?

It is a product with natural minerals in a bottle that mattifies your face all day long for all genders. It is also a perfect makeup setter to keep your makeup in place and achieve a matte- finish look.


Available in 60ml bottle.


Magiteque Liquipowder comes in a spray bottle.

What are its active ingredients?

Organic Sulfur– it helps oxygenates, hydrates, and softens the skin. It also has properties that help clear away dead skin cells that can contribute to clogged pores and breakouts.

Chelated Magnesium– it is responsible in controlling oiliness and is known to be very effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Ionic Calcium– it mattifies the face and makes your makeup look fresh and long- lived.

72 Trace Minerals– for younger- looking you.


 Miss Beverly explained everything to me and demonstrated how to apply the product.


  1. On dry face, spray on the forehead and on each cheek.


2. Quickly spread on your face using your hands till product dries.


*You may adjust the number of sprays depending on how oily your face is. In my case, I have a combination of oily and dry skin, so I simply spray once on my forehead and spreads the product onto my t-zone only.


I was so mesmerized with this product. I was fascinated when I saw my face in the mirror after the product was absorbed by my skin, my face looked rejuvenated and youthful. The product did its job on creating a velvet-matte finish look, just like magic! It is also fragrance-free which is a plus point for me since I’m not fund of face products with strong scent.

I have been using this liquipowder for quite some time now and it is truly long- lasting. I stayed oil and shine- free all day.

If you want to give this product a try you can check their Facebook account:

Product costs ₱ 700/ 60 ml bottle.

Get your spray and be amazingly fresh and pretty! #OILYFACENOMORE

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