Hidden beauty of Suguicay Island



Suguicay island is a family-managed beach and one of the beautiful islands you can find in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro. It is an ideal place to break away from the modern environment of the city, where you can enjoy breathing fresh air and the relaxing sound of the waves.


How to get there?

 By Air– Find a flight bound to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, fro there you can ride either a jeepney or bus going to Bulalacao.

🚌  By Land/ Sea– Take a bus ride bound to Batangas pier. (If you’re Calamba, Laguna, there is a bus terminal just beside CMC Avenue. Once you’re already in the port, catch a ferry going to Calapan, Mindoro. The price and travel time depend on what ferry company you’ll choose, SuperCat, FastCat, and Montenegro are some to choose from. (Estimated ferry ride 1 to 2.5 hours, again it depends on the ferry operators.)


Upon arrival at the Calapan port, transfer to a van going to Bulalacao (don’t worry there is a van terminal in the vicinity).  Once you reach the Bulalacao terminal, you can ride neither motorcycle nor tricycle bound to Sitio Bangkal, Brg. San Juan; however, in our case, we rented a van since we have a lot of things with us. If you want to rent as well, ask the driver first if he can fetch you on the day you’ll leave the island and don’t forget to get his contact number. (Estimated travel time is 3 hours.)

From Bangkal to Suguicay you need to rent a boat. As far as I know the price depends on the number of people, size of the boat and island/s you would like to visit. We paid Php 1,000 for a back and forth ride (10 pax). By the way, inform the lady in the registration area on what time you’ll leave Suguicay so the can inform the boat driver.

Estimated travel time from Bangkal Staging point to Suguicay Island via boat ride is 20-30 mins. There is no life vest available so better pray hard before you ride.

Where to stay?

There are no 5-star hotels in the vicinity but you can rent a room worth Php 2,500.

You can also rent a huge cottage for Php 1,500.


If you want to stay there overnight bring with you camping equipments if you’re on a budget.

Things you can do in Suguicay Island

IMG_1198IMG_1201IMG_1199IMG_1200SONY DSCIMG_1206IMG_1204IMG_1207

Snorkeling– don’t forget to bring your goggles or snorkeling gear to enjoy the underwater attractions.


Beach Volleyball– there is a volleyball net set up in the middle.

Kayaking– you can also rent a kayak for P100/hour only, don’t worry, this time they have available life vests.


Videoke– since  Filipinos are genetically predisposed to singing they have available videoke for their guests for only Php 1,000.

Island hopping



Bring with you your own food since there are no available restaurants and cafes in the area, carry with you lots of water to keep yourselves hydrated.

Carry with you your charged power banks and flashlight because there is no electricity there; nonetheless, they have generators operated from 6pm to 10pm.

Check the weather first before going on a trip, if its going to be rainy you’ll not enjoy your vacation.

When packing your clothes and gadgets, put them in a plastic bag or any waterproof bag first before placing them in your travel bag, just incase it will rain your things are secured.

Additional Info

You need to pay Php 40/ container for the water you’ll use when you want to take a shower because there is no available source of water in the island, according to one of the residents there, the buy their water from the main island.

If you want to have a taste of freshly caught seafoods, you can buy it from there and have the residents cook it for you. (I’m not sure how much the cooking fee is).


As we explore the island, I was astounded that it also has a sandbar.


 Mangrove swamps are everywhere, almost covering some parts of the island.


Suguicay Island indeed a perfect destination to to visit with your family and friends this summer.




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