What Do I Feel About Starting Youtube?

Youtube has been a platform for me to be heard, knowing the fact that hundreds of people have watched my videos, I feel loved.


I have been a Youtube user since 2016, if you’ll ask me, Id rather watch a vlog than a TV program. Why? Because these youtubers are more relatable and a viewer like me experienced a profound sense of connection to them. I feel delighted everytime I watch the videos of my favorite content creators, most of them are my source of entertainment and information. These people have influenced my life in a good way and this is what I also want to achieve in my life right now. Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to inspire and have positive effects on people.

My friends and some co-bloggers who are also into creating Youtube videos advised me start filming for Youtube and I kept on saying “NO” due to lack of confidence, thinking no one will be interested on my videos; however, three months ago I decided to finally give it a try and it unbelievably helped me in so many ways. I never imagined that Youtube will help me open myself to criticisms (negative comments) because I hate the feeling of being disapproved and being a failure,  it taught me to be more positive in life, I developed new skill which is video editing, it aided me to have perseverance ( I edited my very first video for two days), and most specially it incredibly BOOSTED MY SELF CONFIDENCE. Any number and race of people can watch my videos, they see a part of who I am as a person and this aided me to build my confidence in other areas of my life as a result.

As of now I have 15 videos on my channel, all-in-all 76 thumbs up, and 65 subscribers.

Here are some of my travel videos


Certain people might judge me saying that I just am just a “trying-hard Youtuber” because I have a low number of subscribers and views yet I still pursue on creating videos, nonetheless, I still see these numbers as my motivation to be more consistent in posting videos. Youtube is an art, it takes time and effort just so you know and I am very grateful to these 65 people who subscribed on my channel.

Youtube has been a platform for me to be heard, knowing the fact that hundreds of people have watched my videos, I feel loved.

Now I am more keen to learn new things, I am excited to meet more people and share more positivity and happiness.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”, and YOUTUBE makes me happy.

If you want to check out my videos, here’s the link:


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